gifts for the healthy being

We are all about 2018 being the year of healthy being!  There's just so much good that comes out of supporting your body and lifestyle with all the conscious brands we carry in our wellbeing market.  We curate our product line by seeking brands that live their values and create magical un-stuff to bring us into alignment from body to spirit so we can live our truth.  These are just a few of my favorites this season.  Stop by the cabin to find these and S O  M U C H  M O R E!  - xoxo jess


connect to your wild side to find your truth

Loving everything Wild Unknown in this little shop.  Creating more rituals in life can bring connection and intention to your everyday.  Animal Spirit Cards and Guide Book, Five Element Candles, Hello Sacred Creatures Kids Board Books, Sacred Inner Power Books, Incense and more.


create new experiences

We live in a small cabin and the last thing we need are more things without purpose so I love giving creative gifts of experience.  This indigo dye kit from Graham Keegan would be so fun to share with friends!  Coldpressed juices, tonics and indigo party!  YESSSS!  May this kit inspire and challenge you to create new, beautiful work. 


loving sun potion yin powder

This Sun Potion Yin Powder is my daily tonic. I've never felt so directly improved and affected by any supplement I've taken in all of my years.  From Sun Potion...  "This is our love note to all the powerful mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers and healers in our global community.... a blend of organic + wild harvested herbs we have crafted to nourish feminine energy and harmonize the whole system, from the inside out. "  And it does.

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health being membership or juice subscription

Help your loved ones or yourself create healthy habits heading into this new year.  We offer memberships that save you money on everything Healthy Being!  And if you're looking to add in a juice per day we have juice subscriptions that can be picked up in store or delivered right to your doorstep!